Surprising Things Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

You know that your home insurance covers your home’s structure and belongings. However, you may find some of the things it covers surprising. We offer homeowner’s insurance coverage at NCIB Group Inc. in Chicago, IL. 

Spoiled Food

When a power outage occurs, all the food in your fridge is ruined. Your homeowner’s policy can help you pay to replace your groceries. 

Falling Objects 

Falling objects are considered open perils. If a meteor hits your home, your policy will cover the repair or replacement cost. Airplane crashes, satellite debris, and other falling objects are also covered. 

Volcanic Eruptions 

If you live in the vicinity of a volcano, this is important. Volcanic eruptions can cause damage many miles away from the volcano itself. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost if your home is damaged due to a volcanic eruption. 

Home Away From Home 

If your home is unlivable because of a covered event, like a fire, your homeowners’ policy will cover the cost of accommodations until you can live in your home again. Living costs, including food, are also covered during this time. 

Personal Liability 

If someone in your home causes damage to someone else’s property or accidentally injures them, this is also covered by your homeowner’s policy. 

For example, a game of football results in a broken leg. The policy will cover the cost of medical bills and other expenses. 

New Door Locks 

You probably know that your home is protected from theft and vandalism. However, if a robbery does occur, your policy may cover replacement door locks in addition to covering your property losses. 

Homeowner’s Insurance at NCIB Group Inc.

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