Protecting Every Mile You Drive and Those You Don’t

There is no assurance that you won’t be involved in an accident, and the truth is, you don’t always control your own fate on the road. According to data from sources like the NSC (National Safety Council), distracted driving has increased by an eye-popping 127% over the past decade. That uncertainty and the need for protection are also one of the few reasons drivers from the Chicago, IL area turn to NCIB Group Inc. for all their auto insurance needs.

Stay Protected On the Road and At Home

Unfortunately, safe drivers have more risks than other distracted drivers, and sometimes, we don’t even have to be on the road to encounter an accident. Some potential concerns vehicle owners can face are falling trees, flood damage, and other concerns.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter if you need repairs after an accident on the freeway, a fender bender on the parkway, or storm damage while your vehicle sits in your driveway; the right insurance solutions can help. From auto insurance solutions designed to fit your needs, your budget, and your vehicle, the friendly and professional team at the NCIB Group Inc. provides auto insurance solutions for drivers from all around Chicago, IL. 

For All Your Auto Insurance Needs

For all your auto coverage needs and auto insurance questions, our friendly and professional team at NCIB Group Inc. has you covered. If you live in or around the greater Chicago, IL area, contact us to find out more about the insurance solutions you need and deserve today. For every mile you drive and those you don’t, stay safe with NCIB.