Is it better to invest better to invest in a home mortgage or pay rent?

Being a homeowner is often a dream of every individual. For Some, this will be a project they will pay their entire lifetime. In Chicago, IL, you have two ways to achieve this, either through renting or buying. Homes are costly, and most individuals take up mortgages to finance this project.

Why You Should Take A Mortgage Rather Than Pay Rent

  • Only a small percentage of the total cost is paid upfront, which makes it easier to manage. It is, however, essential to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage for your home during the repayment period. A home insurance policy will protect you against financial losses that you may incur as a result of damage to the property. NCIB Group Inc. agents will advise you on what you need to be covered as you pay for your mortgage.
  • Investments are flexible. If you choose to take a mortgage, you can make investments in other areas. It is, however, essential to analyze your investments with NCIB Group Inc. agents who will be able to evaluate whether the investments made can be covered by your home insurance policy. A home insurance policy covers various personal assets, such as electronics.
  • Improved credit score

In Chicago, IL, it is essential for individuals taking a home mortgage to realize that any damage or loss of property during the mortgage period is their responsibility. Having an appropriate policy is crucial to avoid paying for an asset that is already damaged.

Advantages of Home Insurance When You Have A Mortgage

  • Your property is covered against damage from fire, storms, theft, and other hazards.
  • Home insurance will protect you against liability from legal suits. Where other individuals are injured within your property, you are likely to face legal lawsuits which the insurance company will cover.

Please call or visit our customer-centric NCIB Group Inc. agents to discuss your insurance needs for your new home.