Home Insurance Add-ons and Riders

You could purchase an HO-3 policy that covers your home for the typical perils and liability. You can also customize your homeowner’s policy to cover items like expensive jewelry, swimming pool, detached workshop, hobby equipment, etc. At NCIB Group Inc., proudly serving the great city of Chicago, IL, we recommend customizing your policy.

Policy customization only takes a few minutes and adds little to the cost of your insurance, but in the advent of an incident for which you must file a claim, it can make all the difference.

Your Jewelry

Few people think of it, but if you’re married, you probably own at least one piece of expensive, fine jewelry. The bride probably wears her engagement ring every day with her wedding band, but few people think about including it under special jewelry coverage on their home policy. The median cost for an engagement ring is $6,000, but most home policies provide about $1,500 jewelry coverage. If you don’t add to the coverage, you’ll have to cover the cost of a replacement ring on your own.

Your Hobby Equipment

Whether you enjoy cycling and own a couple of road bikes or love photography and developing film at your home, you probably own about $5,000 of hobbyist equipment. Let’s say you love books. Well, avid reader, if you own 500 books, replacing them with used ones for $5 each would run you $2,500. You could quickly edge up to that $5,000 mark if you own more than that.

Your Swimming Pool

If you own a swimming pool, you immediately increase your need for liability insurance. Your home policy contains a typical amount of liability, but putting in a swimming pool increases your need for liability insurance. The same is true of trampolines.

Contact NCIB Group Inc. in Chicago, IL today to learn more about customizing your home policy. It will only take a few minutes to insure your precious belongings fully.