Do Finance Companies Require A Certain Amount Of Full Coverage Insurance?

If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle via financing, then you may want to be informed about insurance requirements. Most insurance companies require their borrowers to obtain a certain level of full coverage consisting of comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Before purchasing a vehicle, find out what the requirements are and how much the premiums will be from month to month or in a lump sum.

Meeting Auto Insurance Requirements

If you are financing a vehicle, you must meet the insurance requirements in order to leave the dealership and drive on the open road. Before making your vehicle selection, work with an insurance agent from a reputable, established company like NCIB Group Inc. We will help you discover options that fit your needs so you can obtain the financing you need. 

Getting the Right Coverage

Policy coverage can range from provider to provider. A good insurance agent can help you decide which policies will provide the coverage you need, as well as help you to avoid gaps in coverage. It is essential to know what each policy covers, as well as the specific terms and conditions. Your insurance agent can explain the fine print for each policy and what it means for you, so there are no surprises. We will work with you to determine your needs.

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, or you want to get better coverage than you currently have in place, call or stop by NCIB Group Inc. and find out what we can do to help you find some security.