Is boat insurance required by law in Chicago, IL?

Chicago, IL is one of the best places in the country for great boat experiences. You can experience the best in nature and architecture, all while relaxing on the water. But if you have your own boat, you need to know the boat rules.

Illinois boat owners are not required to carry boat insurance. However, you are still responsible for anything that happens if you operate a boat in Illinois. NCIB Group Inc. can help you learn your options to make the best decision about what works for you.

How Can Boat Insurance Protect You And Your Family?

Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are. Whether or not you are at fault, there may be property damage and medical bills that need to be paid. If you are at fault, you could be the subject of a lawsuit.

If you have liability insurance, you can call your agent and refer the other people to your insurance for the claim. Your insurance will pay damages if you are at fault up to the limits of your policy.

Coverage Besides Liability

If you are not at fault, it is still essential to have other kinds of coverage. Anyone with a loan on their boat will probably be required to have full coverage, but you can keep full coverage after the loan is paid off, so your investment is still protected.

You can also get insurance to protect personal property, fuel spills, watersport activities, and other kinds of coverage. Underinsured/uninsured boat insurance protects you if someone else is at fault in an accident.

Protect yourself while boating in Chicago, IL, by ensuring you have the coverage you need. To discuss your options for boat insurance, please call NCIB Group Inc. today.