Commercial Insurance Ins and Outs

If you own a business, you will definitely be familiar with commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is of the utmost importance when owning a business, and can be useful for different things. We have listed some ins and outs of this type of insurance below for you. 

NCIB Group Inc. in Chicago, IL proudly provides commercial insurance to business owners. We can give you quotes from our providers and walk you through them, ensuring you make the right choice for your business.

The types of insurance

There are many different types of business insurance but we cover some below: 


Especially if you own a factory, you will need to be sure to be covered against your employees hurting themselves on machinery or even if they slip and fall. The latter is also applicable to office workers. At the same time, look into liability coverage in case visitors or customers of your business are accidentally harmed. 


Whether you own a shop or you run a busy call center in an office space, your business property should be insured. This can cover anything that causes damage to your property, from a flood to a fire. 


Whatever business your company might operate in, there is always a chance that a member of the public or another business sees it fit to sue you or your business. Ensuring coverage for this can really help with the cost of this. 

Commercial insurance can seem like a minefield, but we are here to take the stress out of it for you. Call NCIB Group Inc. in Chicago, IL on and one of our advisors will help you every step of the way.