Four ways your employees benefit from commercial insurance

Building a successful business takes a lot of hard and effort. You invest a lot of time and capital to get to where you are. Therefore, you must protect your business from unexpected events that may bring the company down. One way to achieve this is through commercial insurance. Our agents at NCIB Group Inc. in Chicago, IL will analyze your business and develop a policy that provides you with all the solutions you need.

What is commercial insurance?

A commercial insurance policy protects your business from events that could devastate your business assets. It protects against liability on injuries that employees and persons within your company could experience and property damage liability.

Our agents at NCIB Group Inc. analyze the value of the property you own, as well as the risks you are exposed to as a business. Policy limits are sometimes determined by your vendors, project partners, or landlord.

4 Employee benefits from commercial insurance? 

  • Employee medical cost – Your employees are likely to get injured during business operations. Depending on the severity of the injury, medical costs can be costly. Commercial insurance covers their medical expenses as well as their salaries for the period they are out of work due to their injuries.
  • Income compensation – Your employees will be compensated for income lost while they undergo treatment. This could be made partially or fully based on the policy document.
  • Chiropractic care – Where an employee becomes disabled due to injuries, they may require chiropractic care. It crucial to discuss this with the insurance agents as not offered in a standard commercial insurance policy.
  • Insurance coverage while out of state – For a job that involves traveling a lot, you must discuss this with agents at NCIB Group Inc. to ensure your employees are fully covered when working out of state.

Your employees can work for you confidently, knowing their well-being is covered.

Please speak to NCIB Group Inc. insurance agents in Chicago, IL on various forms of commercial insurance or visit our website for more information.